Cutting Edge Supply Chain Intelligence with Spire Sense: Armada Chooses Spire

SAN FRANCISCO, June 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Armada, a cutting-edge developer of logistics analytics, has chosen Spire as their supplier of global Automatic Identification System (AIS) data. The company’s analytics rely on Spire Sense’s fast revisit time over the open ocean to help make their predictive analytics possible.

“The combination of satellite AIS with fast revisit time and terrestrial AIS into a single feed save us from having to stitch the data together after the fact. From a developer perspective, it’s much easier than merging multiple data sets,” said Marc Herd, CEO and Founder of Armada. “Having the best quality AIS data is important to us, since better data means better predictions about the supply chain.”

Armada, which mainly tracks cargo vessels, chose to use Spire Sense’s Messages and Vessels APIs. The API provides easy filtering based on vessel type and many other factors. Kyle Brazil, Product Manager on Sense, stated that “We strive to make AIS data easier to work with. There are countless customers who simply don’t have the resources or desire to sort through millions of AIS messages themselves so we are continuing to add new features and APIs that empower customers like Armada to get to the answers they need quickly.” 

Decision making is typically the core goal of processing AIS data. For Armada’s customers, that means decisions that will lead to more efficient operations, a better understanding of supply chains, and most importantly — money saved. “Spire’s data will make our customers’ lives much easier,” added Marc, “and we certainly look forward to leveraging the future advancements in their APIs to enhance the Armada product.”

About Spire
Spire Global, Inc. is a leading player in the nanosatellite sector, building the world’s most advanced, constantly refreshed satellite constellation. In an industry that is used to measuring progress & upgrades in years, Spire has accelerated timelines to a period of just weeks. Spire’s complete global coverage offers organizations insights into aircraft tracking, weather & climate, shipping & supply chain and maritime domain awareness. To learn more, visit:

About Armada
Armada is a predictive supply chain intelligence platform that helps shippers make better logistics decisions so they can reduce their working capital. We analyze the movement of everything that moves in the global supply chain using public data sets, private data sets, and our own low-cost pallet tracking solution so we can make predictions about what's going to happen. To learn more, visit

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